library-terrazzoTerrazzo is a versatile flooring material that was created hundreds of years ago when Venetian workers discovered a new application for their remnants of marble that was otherwise discarded. Over the years, terrazzo has become a beautiful and practical solution for contemporary design and construction. The primary benefits of terrazzo lie in its attractiveness, its versatility, and its durability. Suited for indoor or outdoor locations, terrazzo's marble-like appearance and the ability to customize its look through color and design make it an attractive option. Additionally, terrazzo boasts the lowest annual maintenance costs and lowest 40-year cumulative cost (materials, installation, maintenance and replacement) of any other commercial flooring material!


Floorazzo is essentially terrazzo made from either marble or recycled glass remnants, only it is poured in a factory instead of on the job site. It boasts the same look and durability as terrazzo with a lower price tag. Floorazzo is a perfect choice for high-traffic areas, and because it is produced off-site it can be installed over night and ready to be walked on the very next morning!

For more information about Floorazzo, please visit www.floorazzo.com.

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